Sunday, January 31, 2010

Explanation and Introduction

Day 1
Since beginning my job at FBC Norman at the beginning of this year, I've realized something. There are going to be way too many thoughts in my head and stories in my week not to write about them. So here it is.
Most of all, I hope that this blog finds people that can relate to it. I am the "community minister" here, however, in some sense followers of Christ everywhere are doing exactly what I'm trying to do; which is building relationships with the people around me in hopes of meeting needs, showing the love of Christ, and being an agent of people's liberation.
Only time will tell how this will play itself out. Everyday, as I've already found, brings a unique set of situations. And my struggle will be to make the appropriate choices to bring about the kingdom of servants that Jesus told us about.

When this blog is finished, the world should have a cooky-cutter picture of what community ministry really is. All the answers, and all the formulas. Won't that be nice.

This should be fun. Thinking that it is fun, might be the only way I will be able to stay committed to it. If nothing else, it's probably therapeutic for me.