Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Collaboration Yard Sale

In our continual pursuit of working in collaborations with people who are doing great things in the Norman community, we are co-hosting a yard sale with Habitat for Humanity.

I couldn't be more excited about this endeavor because while the actual day of the sale (September 10th) will be an incredible opportunity for citizens of Norman to support us and Habitat the preparation for the sale will bring our church and the agency that much closer.

Plan on coming to the yard sale September 10th in the parking lot of FBC Norman.  It will support our church as well as Habitat as we both seek to love the unlovable in empowering and dignifying ways!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's amazing what $2.25 can get you these days

For this entry I've decided to let someone else's words bring the story. A few months ago one of our church members and coordinators of our Sunday Lunch sent this story of what happened to her. I asked her if I could share it and she said of course. Here are her words...

My husband and I were serving seconds at the Sunday Lunch and things had slowed down quite a bit when Steve came to the kitchen and asked for me. He told me that he had the "two twenty five". For a minute I was totally puzzled, but then he said, you know the "two dollars and twenty five cents".
Then it hit me...
When we had driven the van on Easter Sunday and were taking people home afterwards, Steve waited until everyone else was dropped off and then asked me if he could borrow bus money to get to OKC to pick up his paycheck. I told him that we are not supposed to give money. He said that he understood and was sorry he asked. Then, I told him that I was going to give him the two dollars and 25 cents, but if he told Joey, I would be in trouble. Steve said that he was ever so grateful because he had to pick up his paycheck in person and that he would repay me just as soon as he got his money. I told him that we would consider it a loan and he could repay me (like I ever thought that was going to happen!).
So, it was so rewarding for Steve to be a man of his word and repay the $2.25 this morning. He waited until my husband could join us, because it was important to Steve for him to see that he had repaid his debt. He asked us to keep him in mind because he has saved up $1,200 to spend on a car and he is going to pay his rent for 2 month in advance. This experience was very rewarding to me personally, because now I not only want to pray for Steve, but I know what to specifically pray for.  
                                                                      - B.P.

Amazing, isn't it?  How hard some people have to work to improve their life situation?  And then how powerful gratitude can be?  Upon reflecting on these moments we see that true Christ-like transformation is happening for everyone involved.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Partnering with the community

As churches, we exist as a part of a larger community. Not just accountable to those who are Christian. We are connected in strange and mysterious ways to the polis or city. No church is an island and we cannot operate as if the decisions we do or don't make have no effect on those around us. Let's get involved in, and spur on, the good things in our communities.

This past weekend the FBC church building was used by the United Way of Norman to hand out school supplies to over 1000 students in need. Thats quite an amazing feat and I am proud that our church is willing to use our building in these ways.

Here is the room and all the supplies. Use your mouse to spin the picture 360 degrees! See the whole room.
(If you are unable to view the picture below, click this link instead.)