Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bikes and Bibles

As always our Bikes and Bibles ministry is growing and serving in amazing ways.
We are always looking for bikes to repair and give out!  If you have a few lying around your garage, give them to us, no matter what shape they are in we can repair them!  
Since the program began almost 8 years ago 743 bicycles have been given out.  Thus far, in 2011 we have made transportation possible for 110 individuals of Norman.  That’s 110 people who are able to get to work and support themselves.  That’s 110 people who now have a renewed voice telling them “You can do it.”  I am proud to be a member of a church that helps people find their voice.
The note below is from a man who suffers from the latter stages of diabetes.  The best way for him to get around is by tricycle, given his weight, age, and income.  His breakfast and lunch everyday come from the local food kitchen Food and Shelter, Inc.  
He came to me a while back and said, “My tricycle was stolen, if you come across one could you let me know.”  A week later someone from the church donated a tricycle to the Bikes and Bibles program.  This is a big deal.  Adult tricycles are not only expensive but also extremely rare.  As he road away I could see gratitude beaming from the huge grin on his face.  These are his words…
“This note is to tell you ‘thank you’ for the tricycle I received from FBC.  This church is wonderful and helps the poor of Norman in many ways.  Norman is getting larger and helping with transportation of the poor is truly a great thing.  Also, the very generous giving of a meal each Sunday is one way the church acts in a great Christian way.  Thank you to all the people of this church.”
Charles L.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Buckner Video

Last Fall Buckner came to do some filming of the work being done at FBC Norman.  I am very thankful to work for a company like Buckner Children and Family Services.  It turned out perfect!  
Good work Nathan and Russ.
You can also view this video and more at