Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let these walls fall

On a rainy day a few months ago...come to think of might have been longer because "raining" is not something we've had a lot of lately.  So, on a rainy day in 2009...

No matter, it was a rainy day and an african-american homeless friend and I met at the church to read some scripture together.  We were both a little antsy at that moment so we decided instead of sitting in chairs for half an hour we would walk outside and talk.  That walking turned into a Jericho story.

We decided to walk seven times around the large red brick building we know as First Baptist Church Norman.  And on the seventh trip the ground began to shake and bricks became dislodged and began to fall...just kidding.  Nothing dramatic happened.  We walked around our church praying that the walls of our hearts would crumble.  We hoped for a revival of the Holy Spirit that would begin in us and spread throughout the church as we seek to be a demographically diverse congregation.

Praying that the walls of our lives would crumble to include more people who are hard to love.
A picture I took one Sunday morning out in front of our church.
Matthew 11:28