Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Casting Lots

A friend of mine had to go to jail the other day to sit out a fine he had from 1998.

What a bumber.  You receive a fine for messing up and 13 years later, a police officer comes to you saying, "I've got to take you in.  You have a warrant for your arrest for a fine you never paid back in 1998."

This man is an amazing testimony of faith in my life.  When he was sitting in his cell he reflected and prayed a lot.  (Makes me think a jail cell is what it's going to take to slow many of us down, take a breath, and pray.)

As he was praying, being so frustrated by the experience, he asked God if he would get out of jail.  Such a great, simple question for someone who's life is journeying toward God.  Out of an urging from the Holy Spirit inside of him he tore a corner off a magazine page and decided to go the o'l "heads or tails" route.  He threw the piece of paper up in the air and decided that if the picture side lands face up the answer would be "yes, you will get out of jail."  If the text side, "no, you won't get out."
It landed on the top bunk of the cell, picture up.  He expected it to land on the floor so he didn't know if the outcome was legit (don't we all operate semi-superstitiously?).  Wanting to make sure, he threw it up again.  This time it landed on the floor and again, "yes, you will get out of jail."

Still not satisfied he asked God, "Well, will I get out today!?"  If the picture side lands up, "yes, today." If the text lands up, "no."

He threw it up into the air.  It landed text side up.  His heart sank, but prayerfully he knew God had spoken.  He realized he needed to be patient and submit to where he was in life.  He ended up being able to minister to some younger males who were there for much greater offenses than a 13 year old fine.
The next morning he was handed his belongings, and told someone had posted bond for him.  He was released and to this day has no idea who paid the money.

He told me this story after we read Acts 1 together; the story of the disciples choosing Judas' replacement.  They cast lots.  A very interesting medium to allow God to work.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To Norman With Love 2011

This year is going to be a little different.

The entire Christian faith community is invited to participate in what could be Norman's largest unified movement of churches towards one cause.  If you attend a church in the Norman area, consider presenting the idea of participation to someone on staff, or a group of friends within the church.  If you believe that churches have no reason to compete with each other, need to be a larger positive presence in the city they are a part of, and/or need to be an incarnational expression of God's love and grace, then consider participating.

This year To Norman With Love is taking place on Saturday May 21st.  Discover all the details at

Can't wait to serve the city with you.