Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I love dogs

My wife and I have a 1 1/2 year old, 90 lb., hilarious black lab.  She brings us joy in so many ways.  She easily forgets, forgives, is ridiculously loyal, and comforts us when we are sad.  I love our dog.

It is interesting to me how people get so carried away with loving our pets.  Sure sometimes (maybe most times) they make better companions than people, but would we ever truly put an animal companion above a human?  A human being who is made in the very image of God?

Well, we did.  Yesterday 75% of Norman said they want to spend $3 million to build a better shelter for animals.

I guess my real question is can a Christian really vote to pass a $3 million bond to create a better and bigger facility for animals in Norman while nearly 700 human beings are without homes?

When I drive south on I-35 from OKC and see the billboard that says "living on the streets is a lonely place" and there's a black and white picture of a dog (a German Shepherd I think) laying down on cement I want to say, "yes, living on the streets is a lonely place for my friends Roger, Paul, Dennis, Josh, Robin, Eleanor, Adam, Mike, Gary, Richard, Kayla, ...".  I could introduce you to 200 people that I know who would be incredibly thankful for a $3 million bond for a new shelter.

But would a shelter like that pass as unanimously?


  1. Agree 100% Joey! Laura and I were against this for the same reason. Let's get our priorities straight folks! Another irritating fact about this whole thing is that only 9200 residents showed up to vote. More often than not, and just like yesterday, the people who are "for" the proposed municipal proposition are the ones who show up in force while everyone else just sits at home and allows them to be their voice. The Norman Transcript headline states "Norman says yes to shelter". FALSE!!! 6982 people said yes on behalf of over 101,000 others who didn't get their keysters off their couches to vote. 9200 residents = just over 8% of the population of Norman. Unreal. Appreciate the blog post Joey!

  2. Thanks for responding, Dustin, and for pointing out a major issue here is indifference. How long and in what other areas can we let apathy dictate when and where injustice happens?